How to Use Incubator Shaker Correctly?

2021-04-27 17:04:35
How to Use Incubator Shaker Correctly?
Incubator shaker, also known as constant temperature oscillator, has two functions: water bath and gas bath. The water bath shaker has stainless steel universal fixtures, digital display temperature control, stepless speed regulation and good thermal cycle functions. It is a kind of culture and preparation of biological samples. The biochemical equipment is an indispensable laboratory equipment for precision cultivation and preparation in the scientific research, education and production departments of plants, biology, microorganisms, genetic viruses, medicine, environmental protection, etc.

1. The incubator shaker is suitable for shaking culture of various liquid and solid compounds such as biology, biochemistry, cells, bacteria, etc. in various universities, petrochemical, health and epidemic prevention, environmental monitoring and other scientific research departments. The water bath incubator shaker has the characteristics of reasonable structure, simple operation and high stability. It is an ideal equipment for laboratory staff. 

2. Instructions for use of incubator shaker:

(1) Load the test bottle and keep the balance. If it is a dual-function model, set the oscillation mode.  

(2) Turn on the power and set the timing time according to the scale on the surface of the machine. If you need to work for a long time, set the timer to the "normally open" position.  

(3) Turn on the power switch and set the constant temperature:   

A. Put the small control switch in the "setting" section. At this time, the temperature displayed on the display is the set temperature. Adjust the knob and set it to the temperature you need for work. (The working temperature should be higher than the ambient temperature, the machine will start to heat up, and the yellow indicator light will be on, otherwise the machine will not work)   

B. Set the small switch of the control part to "Measure". 

3. Things to know about incubator shaker:

(1) Please read this manual carefully before use.  

(2) The working plane of the machine cannot be excessively smooth.  

(3) The electrical rated parameters of the socket used should not be less than the electrical rated parameters of the machine, and the grounding measures should be good.  

(4) Do not use in direct sunlight.  

(5) Speed regulation should start slowly from low speed to high speed.  

(6) The machine will shift when oscillating at high speed, so someone needs to be supervised during use.