High-throughput Bioreactor Incubator Shaker High-throughput Bioreactor Incubator Shaker High-throughput Bioreactor Incubator Shaker High-throughput Bioreactor Incubator Shaker High-throughput Bioreactor Incubator Shaker
High-throughput Bioreactor Incubator Shaker High-throughput Bioreactor Incubator Shaker High-throughput Bioreactor Incubator Shaker High-throughput Bioreactor Incubator Shaker High-throughput Bioreactor Incubator Shaker

High-throughput Bioreactor Incubator Shaker

A shaker is a piece of laboratory equipment used to mix, blend, or agitate substances in a tube or flask by shaking them. It is mainly used in the fields of chemistry and biology. A shaker contains an oscillating board that is used to place the flasks, beakers, or test tubes.
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The high-throughput bioreactor shaker with PH measurement and feed control is suitable for screening and cultivating various microbial and genetic engineering strains. The high-throughput bioreactor shaker is superior to conventional shakers and bioreactors. Stable PH measuring device and fine feeding system. In order to further realize the control of the culture process, we have carefully designed the micro-feeding technology for the shake flask to realize the flow of various carbon and nitrogen, ph control or trace element control, which is of great significance for the dynamic research of metabolism as the core.


1. The unique technology of the original single-axis drive balancing device ensures minimum energy consumption and noise.

2. Vertical double-door double-layer structure, small footprint, large bottle capacity and double performance.

3. The oscillation evaluation rate can be extended to 50-300 rpm

4. Intelligent sound and light alarm environment scanning microprocessor controller.

5. The 10-inch large color touch screen displays the set parameters and measured parameters.

6. Safety and fluorine-free refrigeration system in line with international environmental protection requirements

7. Run the parameter memory function to avoid cumbersome operations.

8. High-quality inverter motor, wide speed, constant torque, no carbon brush, maintenance-free.

9. Over-temperature sound and light alarm function, the motor overheats, the temperature is out of control, the abnormal over-temperature instrument automatically cuts off the respective power supply.

10. The line that controls the acceleration ensures that the shaker starts slowly and accelerates smoothly to ensure the safety of the experimental samples.

11. Large screen tempered glass window.

Detail function

1.  pH setting: pH control parameters, acid-base pump switching can be set, and the peristaltic pump flow setting and feeding setting can be entered.

2.  Batch information: The corresponding batch number information can be written to the bottom space of this page; the data of the batch number can be exported to the USB flash drive.

3.  Historical curve: You can view all the curves of the current parameters, including temperature, speed and pH. You can flip through, flip back pages, and more.

4.  Automatic pH correction: You can enter the DO correction.

5. DO automatic correction: Before calibration, the general system has a zero point and slope, standard value by default.

6.  Peristaltic pump calibration: All peristaltic pumps can be used to input the flow rate of the pump. When the peristaltic pump is "automatic", it will automatically accumulate the additional amount. Correction of peristaltic pump flow rate,

7. Batch number before fermentation start: Real-time curve and automatic state can be monitored to pH. At the same time, it can also enter the pH independent real-time curve and the pH real-time curve that can enter the adjacent bioreactor.

8.  Real-time report settings: real-time report 1 minute, 10 minutes, 60 minutes real-time report, historical curve, batch information.

9.  Speed and temperature: In addition to the correction function including speed and temperature, you can also set the control mode: automatic and tracking;

10.  Temperature multi-stage control: Temperature multi-stage control can be controlled in multiple stages.

11.  Temperature real-time curve and pH real-time curve: Data can be read from the cache for plotting real-time curves. At the same time, you can set the X and Y axes of the curve.

12.  Current alarm: The current real-time alarm is in the upper part, and the lower part is the historical alarm. You can set the upper and lower limits of each parameter and control the dead zone.




Control   method

PLC control

Display   method

10-inch   large color touch screen

Control channel

Swiss   METTLER PH pole, Siemens PLC controller, acid-base feeding system

PH control   range


Temperature   range


Temperature   accuracy


Temperature   uniformity


Rotation   frequency range


Rotation   accuracy


Feed control   range



120W   Inverter motor

Maximum   capacity


Sampling and   inoculation

Syringe type

Tank body

High   borosilicate glass can with PH internal threaded connection on top

Intelligent   function

Color touch screen,   data storage without a computer

Cyclic mode

Forced   convection

Oscillation   mode

Rotary   oscillation

Drive mode

Rotary   oscillation

Pendulum   amplitude


The   refrigerant

CFC-Free   (134A) fluorine-free safety refrigeration system

Net weight


Gross weight


Rocker size


Inner cavity   size






Power supply

AC 200-240V   50-60HZ

Inner cavity

High quality   imported stainless steel mirror

Outer box

High quality   and high strength channel steel, angle steel, cold rolled steel plate

Scalable   control

temperature   check

Light   culture

Feed   weighing / ORP

On-line   detection of exhaust O2CO2

On-line   detection of methyl (B) alcohol content

On-line detection   of bacterial concentration, biomass, turbidity

Spare parts

Instructions,   feeding bottles, feeding needles, silicone tubes, respirators, sampling   needles.