We are a scientific and technological enterprise engaged in the manufacture of life science-related laboratory instruments and equipment products with professional scientific research, manufacturing and sales. We have many years of production experience and accumulation in incubator shakers (temperature control shaker, orbital shaker, water bath shaker, platform shaker), especially in the development of culture environment control technologies such as temperature and humidity, gas concentration, dynamic and static conditions for animal and microbial cell culture. Cell culture users provide excellent solutions.

Our company is committed to the development and production of high-quality modern laboratory equipment, and has passed CE, ISO, SGS international quality system certification. The company has advanced production and testing equipment, and has a complete measurement and quality assurance system.

In order to further enhance the company’s technological research and development capabilities, LABOAO has recruited technical experts from various fields such as the University of Texas and Shanghai Jiaotong University at any cost. Our technical team consists of scientific research in the fields of structural biology, electronic engineering, and software engineering. The composition of experts guarantees the scientific nature of biology while providing high-quality equipment. Many of the technical team members have held R&D work in internationally renowned equipment manufacturing companies and have very mature industry experience.

LABOAO always upholds innovation, strives to make breakthroughs, and meticulously meets the demanding requirements of customers. With the goal of manufacturing world-leading quality products, through years of tireless pursuit, LABOAO's cell culture equipment is excellent in temperature fluctuation, temperature field uniformity, The accuracy of gas concentration, the active control ability of humidity, and the remote control of APP have reached a performance and quality level comparable to that of international counterparts, and has won the trust and support of many customers. So as to break the monopoly of foreign equipment on the biological products market, and provide domestic customers with a choice of cost-effective products and more timely and complete after-sales service.


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