Common problems and solutions in the operation of large capacity shaker

2021-05-07 15:09:31
Common problems and solutions in the operation of large capacity shaker
The large-capacity shaker is suitable for the shaking culture of various liquid and solid compounds such as biology, biochemistry, cells, bacteria, etc. in various universities, petrochemicals, health and epidemic prevention, environmental monitoring and other scientific research departments. Genetic, virus, environmental protection, medical and other scientific research, education and production departments are indispensable laboratory equipment for precision training and preparation.

During the use of the large-capacity shaker, if there is a problem with the equipment, the user can refer to the following methods to deal with it.

1. Large temperature fluctuations: the refrigeration mode is not set correctly, reset it according to the instruction manual.

2. The measured temperature is too high and often enters the over-temperature alarm state: the starting temperature is too high, open the vent on the back of the instrument or activate the refrigeration button.

3. No operation, no display on the panel: check whether the external power supply is not connected or the fuse is burned out, whether the power plug of the instrument is properly inserted, whether the power socket has electricity, and whether the power switch is turned on.

4. LCD screen has no display, LCD screen has no display: there is a high-frequency interference source in the same line, press the parameter modification/confirm key to restore the display; eliminate the interference source of the same line or set up another line.

5. Large operating noise: The shaker is not placed flat, adjust the left foot of the instrument to make the instrument steadily land on the ground, and the porous tray is loose.

In addition, if the large-capacity shaker has abnormal cooling during operation, you can refer to the following methods to deal with it.

1. If the instrument is not refrigerated, check whether it is malfunctioning due to damage to the compressor.

2. When the compressor is damaged and used again after repair or replacement, the instrument can be set to balance mode. The compressor in the balanced mode is always in working condition, and the cooling effect is better, and it can be effectively maintained.

3. If it is a single-mode work, if you want the compressor to work, you must lower the box temperature below room temperature; if cooling is required, in order to ensure the normal operation of the compressor, the set temperature should be at least 5 degrees Celsius lower than the room temperature.

4. If the temperature in the cabinet fluctuates greatly during the operation of the instrument, it may be caused by frequent opening and closing of the cabinet door. In this case, the compressor will start frequently, which will shorten its service life in the long run. Try to avoid opening and closing the door frequently during use.