Stackable Large Capacity Microplate Incubator Shakers
Stackable Large Capacity Microplate Incubator Shakers

Stackable Large Capacity Microplate Incubator Shakers

LIS-AH3 Series
LABOAO supplied the LIS-AH3 series mainly used for microbial cultivation and screening experiments, using advanced frequency conversion refrigeration technology and high-precision temperature control technology with invention patents.
  • AmplitudeΦ26mm
  • Oscillation modeOrbital
  • Capacity190L
  • Rocking plate size550x470mm
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The stackable large capacity microplate incubator shakers is suitable for large-throughput microplate culture, which can cultivate more than thousands of biological samples at a time, and is a powerful tool for biological culture optimization and screening. Its outstanding advantage lies in its high speed, which can reach 1000 rpm under 3mm oscillation amplitude.


1. Wide speed range: 10rpm-1000rpm, which can reach a speed adjustment ratio of 100 times.

2. External motor: to prevent the temperature rise of the motor from affecting the experimental temperature.

3. Two-way sterilization: UV sterilization components are arranged on both sides, and the sterilization rate is high.

4. Frequency conversion refrigeration technology: silent, durable and energy-saving.

5. PID fuzzy control technology: temperature control with high precision and high stability.

6. CO2 infrared sensor: accurate, sensitive, not affected by temperature and humidity, long life.

7. Remote monitoring: optional mobile WiFi remote monitoring or computer remote monitoring (optional).

8. Active humidification technology: stable humidity, parameter quantification (optional).

9. Good airtightness: fully enclosed cavity to meet high humidity requirements.

10. Fully automatic defrosting: Intelligent defrosting according to the machine's own needs, no need to set.

11. Can be washed with water: the inner cavity and the rocking plate can be washed with water for easy cleaning.