Large Capacity Single Layer Orbital Shaker With Large Amplitude Large Capacity Single Layer Orbital Shaker With Large Amplitude
Large Capacity Single Layer Orbital Shaker With Large Amplitude Large Capacity Single Layer Orbital Shaker With Large Amplitude

Large Capacity Single Layer Orbital Shaker With Large Amplitude

LH-311TD LH-322TD
LABOAO supplies the large capacity single layer orbital shaker with large amplitude with large amplitude shakers for centralized constant temperature and cluster shaking in specific constant temperature rooms. The production process takes into account the influence of temperature, humidity, acidity and other factors on product reliability, and the original single-axis drive mechanism is silent and durable.
  • AmplitudeΦ100mm
  • Oscillation modeOrbital/Reciprocating
  • Rocking plate size840x620mm/1108x740mm
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The large capacity single layer orbital shake with large amplitude is suitable for centralized constant temperature and cluster oscillation in a specific constant temperature room. Not only can it provide a high level of oscillation efficiency for mass production operations and biopharmaceutical research applications in pilot trials and mass strain screening, but also has strong economic and practicality.


1. Eight sections of self-programming, each program can set different speed and time to realize the programming operation of speed and appointment time.

2. Automatic operation, automatic stop, timed operation, clock display, call recovery, parameter memory.

3. Watchdog timers, independent overspeed sound/light alarms, independent leakage, and over-current protection devices do not affect other equipment.

5. The PID microprocessor control/monitoring system provides simple button operation and easy programming of time and speed.

6. The original single-axis drive mechanism in China is quiet and durable.

7. The most advanced finishing technology in the country ensures the stability and reliability of mechanical operation.

8. The key parts of the movement are made of expensive chrome alloy material, high quality cast iron and original imported bearings.

9. The last set speed is automatically memorized and slowly accelerated to the last running speed after power on.

10. The unique slow start line prevents sudden starts and splashes, ensuring safe reagents.

11. Unique motor overheating, temperature out of control automatic power off protection device.

12. Unique high-precision frequency control system with frequency accuracy of ±1rpm.

13. The most advanced large torque motor, maintenance-free, and guaranteed continuous operation.

14. The electrostatic color spray box is beautiful and rustproof, and has an aesthetic design concept.

15. The cabinet is made of high quality, high strength cold rolled steel, medium, channel, angle and cast iron.





Control method

P.I.D microcomputer environment scanning   micro-processing chip control

Display method

LCD liquid crystal display

Programming mode

Eight-segment user-programming

Safety protection

Self-running, automatic stop, timed   operation, call recovery, parameter memory

Accessory function

Watchdog timer, independent overspeed   sound/light alarm, independent leakage, leakage overcurrent protection device

Cyclic mode

Natural convection

Timing range

0-999.59 hours / sustainable

Oscillation mode

Orbital oscillation

Reciprocating oscillation

Drive mode

Single-axis balanced drive (Chinese patent)

Environmental requirements

User-specific thermostat or environment

Rotation range


Rotation accuracy


Pendulum amplitude


Rocker size



Number of rocking plates


Max. capacity



Net weight



Product Size







inverter motor

Power supply

AC 200-240V 50-60HZ

Outer box

High quality and high strength cold rolled   steel plate, medium plate, channel steel, angle steel, cast iron