The difference between orbital shaker and reciprocating shaker

2021-05-07 15:51:00
The difference between orbital shaker and reciprocating shaker
The constant temperature oscillation incubator has a wide range of uses, and has been well applied in scientific research such as environmental protection, medical education, sanitation and epidemic prevention, drug inspection, animal and plant science, marine science, food engineering, etc.

There are two working modes of constant-temperature oscillation incubator: gyroscopic and reciprocating. The most common type is the rotatory constant-temperature oscillation incubator, which can mix the liquid quickly at a speed of 250 times per minute, or cultivate dynamically. It is the oscillating effect of the orbiting constant temperature oscillation incubator.

The reciprocating constant temperature oscillating incubator is a left-right oscillating type. This type of oscillation can be used well in high-viscosity liquids, because when high-viscosity liquids are oscillated in a vortex constant-temperature oscillating incubator, it is not easy to form a vortex. Yes, but the oscillating effect of the reciprocating constant temperature oscillation incubator is different, such as using a large amplitude reciprocating constant temperature oscillation incubator, the effect is more obvious.

It is better to purchase a constant temperature shaking incubator, whether it is a rotary type or a reciprocating type, which should be determined according to the viscosity of the culture liquid.