Desktop Small Lab Platform Shaker
Desktop Small Lab Platform Shaker

Desktop Small Lab Platform Shaker

LABOAO supplied the desktop small lab platform shaker is a piece of laboratory equipment used to mix, blend, or agitate substances in a tube or flask by shaking them. It is mainly used in the fields of chemistry and biology. A shaker contains an oscillating board that is used to place the flasks, beakers, or test tubes.
  • AmplitudeΦ25mm
  • Oscillation modeReciprocating
  • Rocking plate size550x400mm
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This is a desktop shaker that can be used directly in the greenhouse or in the incubator. It is widely used in the fixation of various electrophoresis gels, the shaking and shaking during Coomassie blue staining and decolorization, and the fixation and staining of silver nitrate staining. After the development, fixation and electrophoresis transfer of the X-ray film in the autoradiography experiment, the cellulose membrane is further processed, such as molecular hybridization, antigen-antibody reaction and staining, and cell culture.


1. Eight-segment self-programming program, each program can be set with different speed and time to realize the programmed operation of speed and appointment time.

2. Automatic operation, automatic stop, timing operation, clock display, call recovery, parameter memory.

3. Watchdog timer, independent overspeed sound/light alarm, independent leakage and overcurrent protection devices do not affect other equipment.

4. The PID micro-processing control/monitoring system provides simple key operation and easy programming of time and speed.

5. The domestic original single-axis drive mechanism, silent operation, durable.

6. The most advanced finishing technology in China ensures the stability and reliability of mechanical operation.

7. The key parts of the movement are made of expensive chromium alloy materials, high-quality cast iron, and original imported bearings.

8. Automatically memorize the last set speed, and slowly accelerate to the last running speed after starting up.

9. The unique slow start circuit prevents sudden start and splashing, effectively ensuring the safety of reagents.

10. Unique automatic power-off protection device for motor overheating and temperature out of control.

11. Unique high-precision frequency control system, the frequency accuracy can reach ±1rpm.

12. The most advanced high torque motor, maintenance-free, to ensure continuous work.

13. The electrostatic color spray box is beautiful and rust-proof, and it has a very aesthetic design concept.




Control method

P. I. D   microcomputer environment scanning micro processing chip control

Display   method


Cycle way

Natural   convection

Oscillation   mode


Drive method

Single-axis   balanced drive

Ambient   temperature


Programming   control

Eight-segment   curve programming

Safety protection

Watchdog   timer, independent supersonic sound/light alarm, independent leakage and   overcurrent protection

Ancillary   function

Automatic   operation, automatic stop, timing operation, clock display, call recovery,   parameter memory, speed storage

Rotation   frequency


Rotation   accuracy


Swing   amplitude




Standard   configuration


Number of   shake plates

a piece

Shake plate   size


Net weight




Power rate


Power supply

AC 200240V  5060HZ


ABS engineering special plastics

high quality   ductile iron, channel steel, angle steel, medium plate, cold rolled steel   plate