189L Horizontal Stacked CO2 Incubator Shaker
189L Horizontal Stacked CO2 Incubator Shaker

189L Horizontal Stacked CO2 Incubator Shaker

LJS-2012R CO2
LABOAO supplied the horizontal stacked co2 incubator-shaker is an advanced instrument for bacteria culture, fermentation, crossover and biochemical reactions, enzymes, cell tissue research, etc., cell, tissue, and bacterial culture with a wide range of temperature, oscillation frequency and higher requirements.
  • AmplitudeΦ25mm
  • Oscillation modeOrbital
  • Capacity189L
  • Rocking plate size780×480mm
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The horizontal stacked CO2 incubator shaker adopts a single-axis balance device drive mode, ultra-low noise, CO2 control range of 0-20%, CO2 control accuracy of 0.10%, with upper and lower limit over-temperature sound and light alarm; Lower limit over-speed alarm; independent over-temperature protector; door open shutdown protection; The safety function of the leakage or overcurrent protection device, widely used in bacterial culture, fermentation, crossover and biochemical reactions, enzymology, cell tissue research.


1. At most three units can be superimposed and still only occupy the area of one shaker.

2. The downturn door design, convenient pull-out pallet, easy to operate.

3. 304 stainless steel mirror arc corners in the working chamber.

4. Single-axis balanced drive technology, ultra-low noise.

5. Intelligent acousto-optic alarm environment scanning micro-processing controller.

6. The large LCD screen displays the set parameters and measured parameters.

7. The operating parameters are encrypted and locked to avoid human misoperation

8. Running parameter memory function to avoid tedious operation.

9. High-quality variable frequency motor, low vibration, low noise, high efficiency, wide speed regulation, maintenance-free, energy-saving, and long-lasting operation.

10. Over-temperature sound and light alarm function, motor overheating, temperature out of control, abnormal over-temperature instrument automatically cut off their respective power supply.

11. It has a power-off recovery function. After the external power supply suddenly loses power and is re-powered, the device can resume operation according to the original set procedure in white motion.

12. The circuit for controlling acceleration ensures that the oscillator starts slowly, accelerates steadily, and ensures the safety of experimental samples.

13.  Streamlined luxury machine shape with extremely aesthetic design concept, electrostatic color spray box body, tempered double glass window.



LJS-2012R CO2

Control method

P.I.D(Microcomputer environment   scanning micro processing chip)

Display method

7-inch color touch screen

Cyclic mode

Forced convection

Oscillation mode

Orbital oscillation

Drive mode

Single-axis balancing device (Chinese   patent, ultra-low mute)

Temperature range


Temperature accuracy


Temperature uniformity


CO2 control range


CO2 control precision


Security function

Upper and lower temperature deviation   alarm; upper- and lower-line speed deviation alarm, independent   over-temperature protector; open door stop protection; leakage protection,   chiller overload protection.

Accessory function

Speed storage, call recovery,   parameter memory, temperature speed correction, clock display, room   temperature / measured temperature double display.

Programming function

Repeat, step, eight-segment curve   programming settings.

Print function

Embedded built-in micro printer.


USB data storage output function

Rotation frequency


Rotation accuracy


Pendulum amplitude


The refrigerant

CFC-Free (134A) fluorine-free safety   refrigeration system.





Timing range

0-500h/ Sustainable

Rocker size


Maximum capacity

250ml*40or500ml*28or1000ml*15or   2000ml*12

Rocker quantity

1 piece

Net weight


Inner cavity size




1150*780*1260H(double stack)

1150*780*1890H(trifold) 90mm without   feet/with high stool.

Opening method

The second floor below: pull-down type

Third floor: flip-up type


Free pull


Lighting lamp, UV ultraviolet lamp




High quality variable frequency motor

Power supply

AC 200-240V 50-60HZ


NSK imported double row bearings

Shaft material

45# carbon steel, 220-250HBW quenching   and tempering treatment

Inner cavity material

All 304 high quality imported   stainless steel mirror panel

Box material

High quality and high strength channel   steel, angle steel, cold rolled steel plate