How to Clean the Incubator Shaker?

2021-04-27 10:14:19
How to Clean the Incubator Shaker?
The incubator shaker is a biochemical instrument that combines a temperature-controllable incubator and an oscillator. It is an indispensable laboratory for the scientific research, education and production departments of plants, biology, microorganisms, genetics, viruses, environmental protection, etc. for precision cultivation and preparation equipment.

The incubator shaker should be cleaned frequently. We summarized how to better clean the incubator shaker:

1. Our experience is that it is best to heat the water to reach the temperature of the incubator when adding water.

2. First wipe the inner wall with 75% alcohol, ventilate for 10 minutes, and irradiate with ultraviolet for 30 minutes.

3. Blowing for a day after fumigation is definitely not enough. It takes at least one week to let the formaldehyde dissipate, or the cells grow bad.

4. Some constant temperature incubation shakers can heat the inner wall to 90 degrees, and some have ultraviolet function. Routinely, the inside should be scrubbed with alcohol once a week.

5. Our usual treatment is to wipe the inner wall with 75% alcohol first, then fumigate with formaldehyde potassium permanganate for one night, and then ventilate the whole day.

6. Nothing is conventionally put, the role of copper sulfate is to inhibit the growth of bacteria, because the current incubator has antibacterial function.

7. Take out the plates in the incubator and apply high pressure. Wipe the walls of the incubator with 75% alcohol, then wipe it with Silox, and irradiate it with ultraviolet light overnight. The effect is very good.

8. After autoclaving the plate, add an appropriate amount of sterilized double-distilled water or physiological saline into the aseptic operating table, and then add a small amount of Trigermin, the concentration does not matter, the cells can be grown.